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The Hurricane of Anti-Americanism: The Blame Game's Real Target
The "blame game" after Hurricane Katrina is not really aimed at President Bush. It is aimed at America itself, which the American and European left want to condemn for its individualism.

The attempts to play the political "blame game" about the flooding of New Orleans are falling flat, with one poll showing that only 13% of the public blames President Bush. But it is important to recognize that the real target of the Katrina hysteria is nothing so small as the Bush administration. The real target is America itself, its whole system of government, and its distinctive values.

The leftists are trying to blame free markets for allegedly causing people to be poor. They are trying to smear America as a racist country that is indifferent to the lives of blacks. They are trying to blame America for being an economic powerhouse that refuses to shut down its industries because of the latest environmentalist hysteria. They are promoting a vision of America as a weak and corrupt nation.

The best evidence of this is the reaction of the overseas press. Some TIA Daily readers have sent me truly awful examples, if you can stomach it--and today's New York Sun offers a good, concise analysis from a correspondent in London, who captures the European left's orgy of envy and "schadenfreude," a perverse German word that means "joy in suffering"--their joy in our suffering.

"A Flood of Schadenfreude," Daniel Johnson, New York Sun, August 8

"Once the full extent of the calamity that had befallen New Orleans became clear last week, Europe's professional anti-Americans fell over themselves to exploit an unprecedented opportunity to crow. They were echoing similar sentiments being voiced in America.... The real target was not Mr. Bush, however. The indictment is not only of a president, but of a people. It is the American way of life that is, in the eyes of many Europeans, the cause of all the troubles of the world.... America, for the armchair moralizers across the Atlantic, means lawlessness, injustice, ignorance, selfishness, and megalomania.... Most of Europe's catastrophes, though, have not been natural, but man-made: war and genocide, terror, and famine. In every crisis of the last century, the American cavalry have come to Europe's rescue.... This latest manifestation of anti-Americanism is a symptom of a deep malaise which, if it is not treated soon, will do greater damage to Europe itself than to America."

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