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Michelangelo | May 30, 2006
bronze, 1994, 22-½ inches tall, $11,500

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"This is a portrait of the genius artist Michelangelo as a relatively young man, captured in the act of contemplating his own work. This sculpture depicts the very act of a man valuing himself—his own talents and his own creation."

—Sherri Tracinski, The Intellectual Activist, Vol. 19, Nos. 5 & 6(->)

Eve | May 3, 2006
bronze, 1987, 13-½ inches long, $3,200

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Purchase this sculpture now through our online store.

"In Eve's relaxed, open nudity and the casual sensuousness with which she nibbles on her apple, we see a guiltless love of herself; in her focused concentration on her book, we see her fearless hunger for knowledge; and in her sumptuous and curvaceous pose, we see a confidence that she is perfectly at home in this world, a world that exists for her enjoyment, for her pleasure, for her happiness."—Sherri Tracinski, The Intellectual Activist, Volume 19, Nos. 7 & 8(->)

Antique Suitcase and Vase | March 3, 2006
oil, 2005, 18 by 28-½ inches, $9,000

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"These fine details and contrasts of texture surround us in the world everyday, in the objects of our everyday lives. It is the invaluable skill of the still-life painter to highlight those contrasts, to heighten our awareness of them, and to show us all of the beauty the objects in this world have to offer."

—Sherri Tracinski, TIA Daily, March 3(->)

Love | February 14, 2006
bronze, 2002, 8-½ inches tall, $2,200

Purchase this sculpture now through our online store.

"Its focus is not on the physical relationship between the lover and the loved; its focus is on the spiritual meaning of love, in the person who feels it. This sculpture shows us, perhaps for the first time, that love is in the mind as much as in the body."

—Sherri Tracinski, TIA Daily, February 14


Vase and Kylix | February 4, 2006
oil, 2003, 17-¼ by 26 inches, $6,000 SOLD

"The rendering of transparent and reflective surfaces is one of the areas of Linda Mann's technical expertise.... Through a series of contrasts, our eyes are pulled on a journey to discover the specific nature of each item, contemplating each beautiful thing on its own and in relation to the other objects."

—Sherri Tracinski, The Intellectual Activist, Vol. 19, No. 4(->)

Greek Vase and Onions | February 3, 2006
oil, 2002, 17 by 28 inches, $7,000 SOLD

"The artist has arranged each thing to its best advantage—allowing each thing to be explored, discovered, and understood.... As viewers, we are invited to join the artist in relishing the objects she has chosen to paint—to appreciate, as she has, the delightful visual scene carefully and purposefully arranged for her (and our) pleasure."

—Sherri Tracinski, The Intellectual Activist, Vol. 19, No. 4(->)

Velvet Bag and Rice Carrier | February 2, 2006
oil, 2003, 15-½ by 26 inches, $4,000 SOLD

"[P]erhaps the most striking contrast is among the variety of different textures in this painting, from the plush velvet bag to the soft sheen of old wood in the rice carrier, to its rusted iron straps, to the polished brass handles of the wine cooler.... And the wine chiller's polished silver surface is so shiny that it mirrors all of the textures back to us, inviting the delightful visual tour to begin again."

—Sherri Tracinski, The Intellectual Activist, Vol. 19, No. 4(->)

Greek Vase and Log | February 1, 2006
oil, 2004, 19 by 25-½ inches, $9,000 SOLD

"Through her painting, the artist is telling us not only what she sees as beautiful in the world, but how, why, and in what way those things are beautiful. The rich lushness of velvet, the dry texture of an aged log, the cold smoothness of an agate, the slightly chalky texture of fluorite, and the silken glaze of pottery are as much a delight to our eyes as they would be to our hands. Such a painting is a daily reminder to notice these little details in the world and to fully enjoy them for the beauty and sensual pleasure they offer."

—Sherri Tracinski, The Intellectual Activist, Vol. 19, No. 4(->)

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