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9bd88df5bd_suvat.jpg Antique Suitcase and Vase

Our Price: $9,000.00
Antique Suitcase and Vase, by Linda Mann

oil, 2005, 18 by 28-½ inches

"These fine details and contrasts of texture surround us in the world everyday, in the objects of our everyday lives. It is the invaluable skill of the still-life painter to highlight those contrasts, to heighten our awareness of them, and to show us all of the beauty the objects in this world have to offer."—Sherri Tracinski, TIA Daily, March 3

Shipping included within the United States; for overseas shipping rates, contact The Tracinski Collection at 540-967-5531.

  oil, 2005, 18 by 28-½ inches
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